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Get your business off to a great start. Establishing your own business can be overwhelming and confusing, but we remove all the uncertainty by understanding everything for you!

About Us

Making it easier for Entrepreneurs to start their businesses

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Who are we

In 2016 we, the Radical promoters, came together from different states to launch a Radical. At the time of the Radical registration, all three promoters had been involved in their respective businesses since 2001. Because each promoter has specific knowledge that is very much needed by the business community, we thought about creating a new entity to serve the business community who are setting up outside their home country.

What we stand for

We believe expanding business to other territories requires a trusted service provider and it is vital for success in other territories. Our firm provides the finest, most efficient, and most cost-effective advisory services to entrepreneurs who wish to expand their businesses globally


Startup Programs

Why us?

  • It saves you money and time when you work with us because of our experienced team with a diverse clientele over many years.

  • Making good decisions depends on the clarity of all your questions, accompanied by the right explanations.

  • Having clear questions, accompanied by the right explanations, is vital for making well-informed decisions.